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Funeral Advantage

Funeral Advantage is the alias of Massachusetts-based recording artist Tyler Kershaw. 


On Nectarine, Funeral Advantage's newest album out on Brooklyn’s Sleep Well Records, Kershaw has excised the intense personal narrative that has defined his work thus far, and instead searched for subjects outside of himself.

“I was having a hard time relating to my previous output. I wanted to make art about something other than myself and my experiences. I have a much healthier relationship with Nectarine than I did with my other releases," says Kershaw. "I'm still selfish. But looking outward, at least."

This removal of the self-as-subject made way for a more straightforward approach to the relentlessly sad yet danceable pop music that has earned Funeral Advantage an international cult following.

“You have to learn the balance between a mentally sound personal life and the life you try to imitate while people are looking at you. My songs are going to be about how people try to deal with that, for now.”

Nectarine is due out now.


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