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After winning a local radio contest, CROOK recorded his first EP with the help of producer / guitarist Dave Keary (Van Morrison). In turn, these four songs, self-released, would make CROOK a winner of the national-scale Guinness Amplify program for unsigned artists.


The prize for this was studio time, and so CROOK -- having only weeks earlier, moved to Berlin, Germany -- returned to Ireland, to record his second EP ("Calando") with Mercury Prize-winning producer Tommy McLaughlin (SOAK, Villagers).


Then, returning to Berlin, CROOK turned to developing his live-show, playing ~250 shows within first year.


This led to a variety of artists & bands beginning to take notice of CROOK's songwriting (and production) ability, not alone in Berlin, but in his native Ireland, as well as Stockholm, London, and LA.


2018 saw a renewed focus on his own material, as he released 4 singles, in a monthly series / sketchbook called "CRUSHING". These songs, written, recorded and released in the same month, marked a distinct turn towards a more pop sensibility, and a clear statement of intent.


With the forthcoming songs "oh, cool" and "my bf (kinda)", CROOK lays himself low, for our enjoyment.