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 Ireland born, Berlin-based artist, songwriter, producer, and anti-american popstar. CROOK brings together the strong songwriting traditions of his home country, with the
bleeding edge hyper-production techniques of the city that adopted him.

In 2022, CROOK will begin releasing songs from his upcoming mixtape, titled “FEEL BETTER”. The project is 9 songs, based on a family road trip he used to take as a child, and the mix CDs he would make for the journey. Each song will soundtrack a different part of the journey: from hopping into the front seat, to the windows-down euphoria of an open road, to the bittersweet moment of arrival, realizing that your destination may not be exactly as you imagined. The road trip also serves as a metaphor for relationships, and the strange (and sometimes brutal) places they take us.


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crook, anti-american popstar, fijitrip
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